Kinderlou Forest Golf Club


The hotel has partnered with Kinderlou Forest Golf Club for the ultimate “Stay & Play” golf experience that you and your golfing friends will definitely enjoy. The challenge that the golf course will provide for golfers of all skill levels will be as satisfying as the course playing conditions. Kinderlou Forest offers a 7781 yard championship golf course designed by Love Golf Design and PGA Tour player Davis Love III. The course provides a true test for the high-handicap, low-handicap and professional golfer as well.

Whether you are a single golfer looking for a great round of golf or a group of players looking for memorable golf outing, we can accommodate your “Stay & Play” needs. Pricing is determined by the time of year, day(s) of the week, length of stay and number of guests/golfers.

Wild Adventures

Wild Adventures is our locally operated Amusement Park. We are one of the closest hotels located to the park, just under 4.5 miles away. Wild Adventures is a theme park with many exciting rides, games and exhibits for adults and children of all ages. Splash Island is a water park located within for cooling down in the South Georgia heat! There are also many animal exhibits and different species to observe, from tigers to giraffes! Roller coasters and other rides are available, as well as live concerts throughout the summer.

Your family’s “Stay & Play” package for Wild Adventures will include hotel accommodations with all of our amenities, as well as discounted tickets. Children under the age of 3 get free admission to the park. Package prices are as follows:

1 Room

  1 2 3 4
1 Ticket $130.81 $215.61 $300.41 $385.21
2 Tickets $176.82 $261.62 $346.42 $431.22
3 Tickets $222.83 $307.63 $392.43 $477.23
4 Tickets $268.84 $353.64 $438.44 $523.24
5 Tickets $314.85 $399.65 $484.45 $569.25
6 Tickets $360.86 $445.66 $530.46 $615.26

2 Rooms

  1 2 3 4
1 Ticket $215.61 $385.21 $554.81 $724.41
2 Tickets $261.62 $431.22 $600.82 $770.42
3 Tickets $307.63 $477.23 $646.83 $816.43
4 Tickets $353.64 $523.24 $692.84 $862.44
5 Tickets $399.65 $569.25 $738.85 $908.45
6 Tickets $455.66 $615.26 $784.86 $954.46

Each package MUST be reserved directly with the hotel at least 48 hours prior to arrival. If your travel plans change and you have to cancel, you MUST cancel your reservation and any package amenities such as tee times or tickets before 4:00 PM on the day prior to arrival. If you wish to get more specific information or pricing on either of these package options, please call the hotel directly at 229-242-1212, Toll Free 844-306-1466 or fill out the inquiry fields below.


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